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About the job Cloud Interns

The Cloud Engineer at Venturenox is responsible for establishing cloud-native infrastructure, building ci/cd pipelines and observability stack. Primary platforms to be used are Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Drone CI, GCP and AWS.

The Cloud Engineer works within a product team and works closely with UX Designers, Frontend, Backend and ML Engineers and Product Managers to bring new products and features to life. We require our team members to be passionate about their work, have a collaborative approach, and bring positive energy to the workplace.


  • Build continuous integration and deployment pipelines, to automate maximum number of tasks and reduce toil.

  • Establish infrastructure with infrastructure-as-code and cloud-native tools such as Terraform, Kubernetes and Helm.

  • Improve infrastructure's availability, stability, security and extensibility; and other non-functional requirements.

  • Build methods for effective monitoring of the infrastructure to surface problems and reduce notification noise.

  • Help improve the developer experience by experimenting with and rolling out new tools for local development as well as early detection of problems.

  • Collaborate with Technology Architects and Product Managers to identify requirements for the release process.

  • Work with Frontend, Backend and Machine Learning Engineers to streamline their work with the cloud-native way of building software.

  • Reach out to the open source community to encourage and help implement mission-critical software fixes.

  • Follow agile processes as defined by the Product Manager and collaborate with other team members to ship complete features.

Desired Skills:

  • Strong understanding and experience of Docker and Kubernetes and associated tooling such as Helm and service meshes.

  • Strong understanding of deploying stateless and stateful workloads in Kubernetes and challenges involved in doing so.

  • Extensive experience in Linux, comfortable with both Debian and RHEL based systems.

  • Strong understanding of infrastructure and processes involved in maintaining high availability and service continuity.

  • Strong understanding of utilising hosted cloud services and their authentication mechanisms.

  • Strong understanding of building continuous integration and build pipelines including challenges of automated testing and controlling releases.

  • Strong understanding of cyber security at multiple levels of the infrastructure including network level and application layer.

  • Understanding of micro-services architecture and familiarity with API gateways is highly desirable.

  • Familiarity with Kafka is highly desirable.

  • Strong familiarity with Git and trunk based development.

Working at Venturenox:
Venturenox builds beautiful and scalable software products for startups. We take founders from idea to launch, and deliver a state of the art product. We specialise in all skills necessary to build modern software.

At Venturenox, we believe that people perform best when they are set free. Following this philosophy, we allow flexibility and time and location; be inclusive in our processes, and don’t try to police or monitor our people.

While working at Venturenox, you will get

  • Above market salary package

  • Flexibility in time and location of work

  • Relaxed and pressure-free environment

  • Experience with cutting edge technology stack

  • Chance to work on highly impactful products