Job Openings Legal Assistant - Corporate Document Management

About the job Legal Assistant - Corporate Document Management



Responsible for following a filing system and organizing records. Locate and retrieve requested files, as well as prepare legal document indices, file folders, and labels. Responsible for keeping files up-to-date. In addition to filing, perform other clerical duties, such as drafting of documents, research, printing, photocopying, and scanning.


Legal File Clerk (Custodian of Legal Corporate Files)

· Assist lawyers in Documentation, i.e. drafting of corporate documents, minutes, Secretary's Certificates, etc and perform other duties 

· Drafting/Preparing of Secretary's Certificates for lawyer's review and signature. 

· Drafting/Preparing documents required by External Auditor, SGV, such as Secretary's Certificates and Minutes of Meeting. 

· Drafting/Preparing of Authorization Letter, Affidavit of loss, Deed of Absolute Sale, Contract of Lease, Agreements and other simple contracts for lawyer's review and signature.

· Do other work such as typing, editing, photocopying, printing and scanning as requested by the lawyers and staff.

· Assist lawyers in retrieving of files/folders. 

· Providing copies of AOI, By-Laws, GIS and other documents as requested by Companies from time to time.

Corporate Housekeeping- Maintain a standardized filing system

· Filing of various corporate files

· Proper numbering of the files/folders.

Maintaining, organizing and monitoring of corporate files/folders

· Conduct inventory of documents to be able to monitor and control corporate folders/files

· Update records in their respective folders every end of the day

Data Archiving System - Oversee scanning of records by Property and Records Management

· Eliminate outdated or unnecessary documents, destroying them or transferring them to inactive storage to lessen the volume of files.

· Organizing and preparing hard copy print documents for scanning.

· Encoding of documents in metadata transfer form to be sent to PRM for scanning.


· College graduate of any4 year business course

· Has at least 1 year of experience in a related field.